RTR-601 Wireless Core Temperature Data Logger

T&D’s RTR-601 Wireless Core Temperature Data Logger is an all-in-one handheld device that has been designed to measure and record the internal temperature of foods during cooking, in holding areas, and on service lines. Its waterproof handheld design and stainless steel insertion probe are perfect for use in food-processing operations. The unit records Time, Date, Temperature, Item Number, and Operator ID with a single click of a button. Records can then be collected automatically over a wireless link and automatically sent to “The Cloud” or a server. The RTR-601 is designed to integrate seamlessly into a single system with T&D’s other Wireless Data Loggers for complete integration of both hot and cold monitoring in a single environment. Water resistant for easy cleaning, the RTR-601 incorporates an internal, inductively recharged battery.

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