TR-57U - Data Collector

Compatible Models TR-51A, TR-52, TR-51, TR-51S, TR-52S, TR-71U, TR-72U
Storage Capacity Up to 256,000 readings
When downloading units at full logging capacity: 16 units of TR-71U
When downloading units at non-full logging capacity, it can collect and manage up to 250 downloading sessions.
Functions Downloading Data (possible to display results of upper and lower limit check after downloading)*
Display Saved Data Graphs, Set Recording Start for Remote Data Loggers,
Display Saved Data Highest and Lowest measurement values
LCD Display Contrast Adjustment, Backlight Function
Power 2 AAA Alkaline Batteries (LR03), Can use rechargeable AAA Ni-Cd or Ni-MH 1.2V batteries
Battery Life Used 30 minutes daily is about 160 days
Used 1 hour daily is about 100 days
Used 2 hours daily is about 50 days
Data Backup For about 5 days from the time of battery removal
(If a working battery has been in the unit for more than twenty-four hours)
For about 1 year with batteries in use
(If all battery power is lost the stored data will be lost)
PC Communication Interface USB / RS-232C: 19200bps
Data Logger Communication Interface RS-232C Communication (Speed : 9600bps)
Optical Communication (Speed : 2400bps)
Interface Communication Time Data from TR-57U to Computer :
One Full Logger's Data: USB 5 sec./ RS-232C 25 sec.
Data from TR-7U Series to TR-57U via cable :
One Full Logger's Data: 50 sec.
Data from TR-7U Series to TR-57U via cable :
One Full Logger's Data: 50 sec.
Dimensions H125mmx W58mm x D23.8mm (excluding protruding part)
Weight Approx. 115g (Including 2 AAA Alkaline batteries)
Operating Environment Temperature : 0°C to 50°C
Humidity : Less than 90%RH
(Without dew condensation)

*These Upper and Lower Limit settings are for the TR-57U and will be used by it when downloading data to determine if a reading is within the acceptable range.
*Battery life varies depending upon the type of battery, the measuring environment, the frequency of communication, and the ambient temperature in which it is used.

1:Operation Dial
2:LCD Display
4:Switch Power ON/OFF
5:[List] Button
6:Optical Communication Spots
7:USB Cable Communication jack
8:RS-232C Communication cable connection jack
9:Battery Case