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Software log-EZ for Windows
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To use log-EZ products it is necessary to install the "log-EZ for Windows" software program.
After the software has been installed into your PC it is possible to monitor temperature and humidity data, check and print the recorded data in graph form, and manage the Remote Unit(s) and Repeater(s).
Version 1.24(E)
Release Date February 28, 2014
Compatible OS (*1)
Microsoft Windows 10 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows 8 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows 7 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit (SP1 or later)
Display Languages (*2)
The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (SP1) is required. 
(*1) For installation, it is necessary to have Administrator (Computer Administrator) rights.
(*2) We recommend using an operating system in the same language as the display language. Operation in different language is not guaranteed.
In order to install the "log-EZ for Windows” software, you need to have [Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Service Pack 1] installed in your computer.
Visit the following link Important Information about Installing "log-EZ for Windows" and carry out the installation after reading the linked page.
Summary of Changes
Version 1.24(E) : February 2014
- Fixed a problem where temperature readings between 0.0 and 0.9°C were not displayed properly in the Current Readings Display and the data file in CSV format.

Version 1.23(E) : July 2013
- The user's manual for "log-EZ for Windows" can now be opened from the menu in Quick Start for log-EZ.

Version 1.22(E) : May 2013
- Fixed typo in the Data Info Box in the Graph window.

Version 1.21(E) : December 2012
- Revised to make compatible with Windows 8.

Version 1.11(E) : November 2011
- Fixed a problem that caused Current Readings Monitor to fail to display the graph (value) correctly when the number format setting of the OS was changed from a “period” to a “comma” as the decimal point.

Version 1.10(E) : November 2011
- The hierarchical menu in Quick Start for "log-EZ" has been partially modified in "Display Current Readings" and "Display Format Settings".

Version 1.00 : April 2011
- First release
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