Voltage Recorder for Windows
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Software Voltage Recorder for Windows
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Voltage Recorder for Windows is software specially designed to be used with our VR-71 data logger that measures, records and displays voltage.
Version 3.11
Release Date November 04, 2010
Compatible OS (*1)(*2)
Microsoft Windows 8 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows 7 32/64bit
Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit (SP1 or later)
Microsoft Windows XP 32bit (SP3 or later)
Display Languages (*3)
(*1) For installation, it is necessary to have Administrator (Computer Administrator) rights.
(*2) If you are using Windows 8, please note that our software is designed to be used in "Desktop" mode only.
(*3) We recommend using an operating system in the same language as the display language. Operation in different language is not guaranteed.
Installing the Software
Please follow these procedures to install Voltage Recorder for Windows

1. Double-click the update package to extract it to your hard drive.
2. Follow instructions in Set-up Program.
3. "Voltage Recorder for Windows" will automatically be installed on the Hard Disk.
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