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August 03, 2012

T&D Graph (Beta) Update Info (Ver. 0.93.3 to 0.94.1)

An update program for the software "T&D Graph (Beta)" has been released.
Please try our new T&D Graph (Beta).

Affected Products and Conditions


T&D Graph (Beta)      Ver. 0.93.3 or lower

Modification Details

From T&D Graph (Beta) (Ver. 0.93.3) to (Ver. 0.94.1)

The following functions were added:
  • "Open with Search" Function
  • Support for file extensions: .rt7/.vt7
  • Support for Daylight Saving Time
The following function was updated:
  • Merge Channels Function
  • Data List
  • Dew Point Calculator
The following problems were fixed:
  • Problem with printing data lists
... and more features to be added. If you have any requests or ideas please contact us by using the 'Submit Feedback' option in the Help menu in T&D Graph.

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