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20 enero, 2014

Announcing the New Multi Channel Temperature Recorder: MCR-4TC

T&D Multichannel Recorder MCR-4TC is a 4-channel battery operated temperature data logger. It runs on two AA alkaline batteries and supports thermocouple types K, J, T, S, and R. Up to 4 units can be coupled together, making it possible to simultaneously measure and record up to 16 channels.
Besides using a USB connection to directly access recorded data via a PC, it is possible to save the data into an SD card and then transfer it to a PC. Data can also be viewed and checked on the handy LCD display.


  • Capable of 4-channel measurements and recording with a single unit
  • Simultaneous measurement and recording for up to 4 units (16 channels) by coupling units.
  • Runs on 2 AA Alkaline Batteries
  • Supports a Variety of Thermocouples (Types K, J, T, S, R)
  • Wide Measurement Range: -270 °C to 1760 °C
  • A large-capacity internal memory and an auto data export to SD card feature allow long-period recording
  • Coupling of MCR-4TC and MCR-4V for simultaneous recording is possible. (Up to 4 units)
  • Electrical Isolation between Channels

Ejemplos de aplicación

  • Record temperatures in pipes and ducts
  • Record boiler temperatures
  • Record temperatures in cooking equipment such as pans, fryers, and ovens
  • For temperature management of refrigerated and frozen goods


Measurement Channels Temperature 4 ch
Compatible Sensors Thermocouple: Type K, J, T, S, R
Measurement Units °C, °F
Measurement Range Type K : -270 to 1370 °C
Type J : -210 to 1200 °C
Type T : -270 to 400 °C
Type S : -50 to 1760 °C
Type R : -50 to 1760 °C
Input Impedance Approx. 1 MΩ
Accuracy (*1) Thermocouple Measurement
Type K, J, T: ±(0.5 °C + 0.3 % reading) [ at -100 °C or above ]
Type S, R : ±(1.5 °C + 0.3 % reading) [ at 100 °C or above ]
(Individual sensor inaccuracies not included.)
Cold Junction Compensation
±0.5 °C [ in operating environent of 10 to 40 °C ]
±0.8 °C [ in other operating environment ]
Auto : According to the range in use
Measurement Resolution; 0.1 °C
Recording Method Instantaneous or Average
Recording Interval 100, 200, 500 ms.
1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 sec.
1, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 min.
Logging Capacity (*2) When recording 1 channel : up to 960,000 readings/ch
When recording 2 channels : up to 480,000 readings/ch
When recording 3 channels : up to 320,000 readings/ch
When recording 4 channels : up to 240,000 readings/ch
Recording Mode Endless ( Overwrite the most recent data when capacity is full )
One Time ( Stop recording when capacity is full )
Recording Start Method Immediate Start or Programmed Start ( by individual logger or by group )
Group Recording Up to 4 units ( 16 channels ) can be recorded simultaneously. ( Coupling of MCR-4TC and MCR-4V is possible. (*3) )
LCD Display Items Measurements, Trend Graph, Battery Level, etc.
Communication Interfaces USB Communication
Communication Time Download Times for Full Data via USB
- From the master or a single unit: Approx. 1 minute 30 seconds
- From a slave unit: Approx. 4 minutes 30 seconds
External Memory SD Memory Card, SDHC Memory Card (*4) ( For Manual or Automatic Data Export )
Power AA Alkaline Battery x 2 ( AA Ni-MH batteries may also be used ), USB Power ( 5 V 250 mA )
Battery Life (*5) For 4-Channel Measurement (AA Alkaline Battery)
100 ms Approx. 5 days Approx. 5 days
500 ms Approx. 7 days Approx. 7 days
1 sec Approx. 21 days Approx. 7 days
5 sec or longer Approx. 60 days Approx. 21 days
(Battery life for 1-channel measurement is about 1.4 times longer than that of 4-channel measurement.)
Input Terminal Screwless Terminals
< Compatible Wires >
Single Wire : ø 0.32mm to ø 0.65mm ( AWG 28 - 22 )
Twisted Wire : 0.08mm2 to 0.32mm2 ( AWG 28 - 22 ), ø 0.12 mm or more in diameter
Stripping Length : 9 to 10 mm
Isolation CH1, CH2, CH3, CH4, and USB are isolated.
( Battery terminals are not isolated from the CH1-CH4 input terminals. )
CH1-CH4 Maximum Applied Voltage : ±50 V
Electrical Isolation Resistance : 50 MΩ or more ( DC ± 250 V )
Dimensions H 120 mm x W 75 mm x D 32 mm
Weight Approx. 190 g ( including batteries )
Operating Environment Temperature: 0 to 50 °C
Humidity: 90 %RH or less ( no condensation )
Accessories AA Alkaline Battery x 2, USB Communication Cable (US-15C), Software (CD-ROM), Card Slot Cover, User's Manual Set (Warranty Included)
    • *1 : MCR-4TC has superior noise filter, but the measurement may sometimes fluctuate due to strong noise. Especially when the recording interval is set to 200 ms or less, the filtering becomes weaker and hence the fluctuation may become greater.
    • *2 : If the logging capacity is not filled at the end of one recording session, the logger can record up to 30 times.
    • *3 : Group Recording may not be started depending on the recording or measurement interval specifications of the connected Master unit.
    • *4 : Please check the [Funciones] for information on memory cards whose operation has been confirmed.
    • *5 : Battery life varies depending upon multiple factors including ambient temperature, recording interval, number of measurement channels, and frequency of data export to a memory card. All estimates are based on operations carried out with a new battery and are in no way a guarantee of actual battery life.

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31 enero, 2014


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