Important Notice about Products


Notice of Discontinuation of -H Type Models & RTR-507

Date Issued: May 18, 2017

With an improvement to our high precision temp-humidity sensors, we will discontinue the H Type Models and RTR-507 in addition to some current sensors as follows:

Discontinued Products

Product Models: TR-72wf-H, TR-72nw-H, TR-74Ui-H, RTR-574-H, TR-76Ui-H, RTR-576-H, RTR-507
Sensors: HHA-3151, HHB-3101

Effective Date

July 2017

New Models

Please refer to the following news release.
New High Precision Temp-Humidity Sensors with Improved Environmental Resistance: SHA-3151 / SHB-3101

Sensor Replacement

For sensor replacement, please use the new improved SHA-3151 (to replace HHA-3151) or SHB-3101 (to replace HHB-3101).