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Model Change from TR-7wf Series to TR-7wb Series (Bluetooth® supported)

Date Issued: January 21, 2019

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The TR-7wb Series Temperature/Humidity Data Loggers have been produced as new standard for the IoT (Internet of Things) Age. While keeping all of the features of the original TR-7wf Series, the TR-7wb Series is equipped with Bluetooth technology to improve accessibility with smartphones.
T&D Thermo, the dedicated mobile app, has also been redesigned with a new look and easier to use interface. By using our free cloud-based T&D WebStorage Service, you can access your data on mobile devices and PCs anywhere, anytime.



  TR-71wb TR-72wb/72wb-S TR-75wb
Sensor TR-0106×2 (Included) THA-3001/SHA-3151 (Included) Thermocouple K,J,T,E,S,R type (Not Included)
Temperature Range -40 to 110°C 0 to 55°C/-25 to 70°C -199 to 1760°C
Humidity Range - 10 to 95%RH/0 to 99%RH -
Accuracy Temperature ±0.3°C ±0.5°C/±0.3°C Type K,J,T,E: ±(0.5°C + 0.3% of reading)
Type S, R: ±(1.5°C + 0.3% of reading)
Humidity - ±5%RH/±2.5%RH -

Release Date

February 5, 2019